Know Our School

Our Mission & Vision

"Diligence and Determination"

Moving ahead with "Diligence and Determination" is the driving force for us.

"Diligence" is defined as the 'constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken'. In our case the management and teaching staff is constantly and earnestly working towards accomplishing our goal of 'building the leaders of tomorrow'!

'Determination' is the essential ingredient for 'success'. The determination to provide quality education to students and the determination to provide them with the best of opportunities has helped us and our children scale new heights.

As every child is special. Our mission is to recognize and enhance each individual's special talents.

The RVPS learning experience helps every child succeed. Our teaching methodology ensures that students are exposed to a holistic education experience in an active and dynamic learning environment, giving them the opportunity to identify and realise their potential, and to achieve excellence.